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We aim to provide the highest quality veterinary care for all our patients in a friendly, caring environment. We continually strive to expand and improve on the range of services we provide for our clients while at the same time being conscious of cost.

In recessionary times, paying veterinary bills is sometimes a real struggle for people, but it is so important for pets to be vaccinated yearly and neutered, and wise for them to be micro-chipped as well. By vaccinating and neutering, potentially serious diseases and illnesses, with associated costs, can be avoided. People who come to us at Value Vets will have those important services for their pets, and at great value-for-money prices.

Because we limit or services to the most routine procedures, and refer on more complicated procedures, including those which require hospitalisation for the animal, we are able to provide them at a much more affordable cost.

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Routine Surgical procedures

Dental extractions

Dental scaling and polishing


Neutering of Cats and dogs

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