About Value Vets

The recessionary climate is just as forbidding to pets and small animals as humans, with neglect of and cruelty to animals increasing for a variety of reasons, but chiefly due to the inability of people to afford veterinary bills.

That is where Cork's newest veterinary clinic Value Vets comes in.

It is a low-cost primary care centre for pets, where the most routine veterinary procedures such as vaccinations, neutering and micro-chipping are carried out, by qualified practitioners, at recession-friendly prices.

Value Vets is headed up by local vet Oonagh Fitzgibbon. The clinic is a tightly run ship, passing the savings from its low-overhead operation to the customer in the form of value deals.

Oonagh, who has spent the past two years in England, broadening her veterinary experience, is delighted to be back in her native city, and heads a team of four at the Value Vets clinic.



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